Avoid Spiritual Failure

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Avoid Spiritual Failure


Believe in Christ – Salvation


Confess your sins daily to God the Father – Confession places you in the spiritual presence of God


Gods spiritual presence is the same as:

Being in fellowship with God

Standing on holy ground

Residing within Gods Tabernacle


Being in Gods presence means:

Your spiritual life is fully functioning

Your spiritual life is functioning

Your spiritual learning process is operational

Your spiritual growth is advancing


Sin removes you from Gods presence (out of fellowship)

Confession restores you into Gods presence (into fellowship)


Daily Bible Study (while in fellowship)

Study, Read, Listen, Memorize, Learn

Brings spiritual resources into your soul

Advances you in your spiritual life

Builds wisdom, faith, spiritual stability



The world will still swirl around you and will try to destroy you, subjecting you to all manner of world temptations, sorrows, hardships, deceptions, and so forth, to derail your spiritual life


The spiritual process will not stop or prohibit or prevent the attacks from the world, but will protect your soul, for eternal life, eternal reward, and blessings from God





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