Isaiah 07:11

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  Isaiah 7:11     11 Ask [sha’al] thee a sign [‘owth] of the LORD [Yahovah] thy God; [‘elohiym] ask [sha’al] it either in the… Read More »Isaiah 07:11

Revelation 09:21

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  Revelation 9:21     21 Neither [kai] [ou] repented they [metanoeo] of [ek] their [autos] murders, [phonos] nor [oute] of [ek] their [autos] sorceries,… Read More »Revelation 09:21

Revelation 09:18

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  Revelation 9:18     18 By [hupo] these [touton] three [treis] was [apokteino] the third part [tritos] of men [anthropos] killed, [apokteino] by [ek]… Read More »Revelation 09:18