Arms Raised High

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Arms Raised High

Job 31:23


23 For destruction [‘eyd] from God [‘el] was a terror
[pachad] to me, and by reason of his highness [sa’eth] I could [yakol] not endure.


23 ‘For calamity from God is a
terror to me, And because of His majesty I can do nothing. NASB



Job 31:23

As an employer, Job never took advantage of those who
worked for him, whether free man or slave.

As an individual, Job never took advantage of, nor
withheld aid when needed, from those who were helpless in life. Whether poor, or orphan, or widow, Job
treated them and everyone with the greatest of respect.

As a magistrate or judge, Job never took sides in a
disagreement, never held a bias against any party, never made a decision with

Job understood that it is God who provides for all in
accordance with Gods plan for each person.

Job lived his life with his arms raised high. He feared and respected God so much, that the
repercussions of any thought or act of his own, which might be connected with
sin or human good, outweighed any possible benefit he might obtain from them.

Life in carnality, yields no benefits. Life in fellowship,
yields phenomenal benefits.

The arms held high principle was taught through Moses
when the Israelites fought their enemies.
Moses did not live for many centuries after Job, but the principle of
Jobs life holds that principle in view.

The arms raised high is mans appeal to God. The arms raised high represents mans life in
fellowship. The arms raised high places
all aspects of mans life under Gods control.

When the Israelites went to war, Moses stood on a
nearby hill and raised his arms high.
While his arms were held high, the battle went well for Israel. Israel is representative of Gods people (all
believers). The arms held high
represents fellowship.

When Moses dropped his arms, through weakness (loss of
a connection with God), then the battle went poorly for them.

Man cannot hold his arms high for very long. No person has the strength to keep their arms
raised for more than a few minutes. So,
Moses was seated on a rock, Christ, and his arms were propped up by Aaron and
Hur. Aaron, the High Priest,
representing the holiness of God (righteousness and justice) and Hur
representing the administrative function (control of history) of God. All point to the complete authority of

Thus, Job looks at Gods majesty and sees perfection,
authority, judgment, dominion, power, and much, much more.

Nothing in this world has such an enticement of
benefit or reward for Job, that he would prefer it over anything coming from

Job prefers the suffering he is experiencing, knowing
that in the end, God will reveal His purpose, and Job will receive a just

Job has described himself as the near perfect
person. None of us can make that
claim. And yet, Job is not exempt from
suffering. Neither you nor I are exempt
from suffering.

God has His plan for each of our lives. Over that we have no control. We can do nothing, but hold our arms high
through the fellowship function.

During the battle Moses had to keep his guard up. Any failure on his part meant a price had to
be paid by someone, even himself.
Anytime a soldier is standing at his post, he has to remain alert
(remain in fellowship), lest the enemy, carnality, might overtake their
position and life.

And so Job held his post with integrity, as best he
could. He looked to God in all
things. He did not look to God only when
times were good, but continued to look to God, especially when times looked
their bleakest.

That is when God can really shine in your life.

‘Call to me and I will answer you and show you great
and mighty things.’

David stood fast when facing the hugest man he had
ever laid his eyes on. David had only
his slingshot.

Life in this world does not rely solely on the
circumstances and attributes of this world, but it rests ‘solely,’ repeat
‘solely’ with your attitude and position in Christ.

Stick like glue to doctrine, and God will guide you
safely through life. Allow doctrine to
slip away in your life, and trouble will overwhelm you.

Your key to life is fear, respect, acceptance of Gods
plan, your arms ‘constantly’ raised high (fellowship).





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