Angelic Conflict

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Angelic Conflict

2 Peter 2:11

11 Whereas [hopou] angels [aggelos], which are [on] greater in [meizon] power [ischus] and [kai] might [dunamis], bring [phero] not [ou] railing [blasphemos] accusation [krisis] against
[kata] them [autos] before [para] the Lord [kurios]. KJV-Interlinear

11 whereas angels who are greater
in might and power do not bring a reviling judgment against them before the
Lord. NASB



Angelic Conflict

A stark contrast
between man and angel is offered here by Peter.

Man is made of the dust
of the earth.With imputed life from
God, limited to this planet earth, and with many limitations in life including mans
own lifespan, man seems to be more opinionated about life, about history, just
about anything, even in the face of no first hand knowledge about most of his
own surroundings or history.

Angels, on the other
hand have been around for a very long time, and have first hand knowledge as
well as experience with just about everything that has ever occurred in

The Bible records four
distinct beginnings.The first beginning
is not really a beginning, but is a reference to eternity past, Gen. 1:1, In
the beginning God See also Psa. 90:2
and Jn. 1:1.

This beginning is
eternity past, and God (all three members of the Godhead) was on hand and has
been on hand forever since eternity past.

The second beginning
was the angelic realm.They witnessed
the handiwork of God in the creation of the universe, and therefore since they
were witness to the creation of the universe, then they were here prior to its
creation, Psa. 8:3.

All of the angels were
in harmony when the universe was created, Job 38:4, 5, 6, 7. The technical word for sons of God here is bene
elohim which is a reference to the angels.
There did not exist any rebellion at the time of the creation for the
universe.The angels were on hand to
witness the actual creation of the universe.

The third beginning is
the universe itself, Gen. 1:1, created [bara out of nothing] the heavens
and the earth. We have already studied
extensively, the various words used for the several creations including the
universe, of man, of woman, and so forth.

The fourth beginning is
of man on the sixth day, Gen. 1:26.

Between these
beginnings the universe and man Lucifer (Satan) rebelled and led one-third
of the angels permanently away from God.
That one-third remained in opposition to God for all of history, and
continue to remain in opposition to God,
Isa. 14:12, 13, 14, Eze. 28:12-18, Rev. 12:4.

The important thing to
understand here is that God did not make the universe, nor the world, a place
that was in chaos.God created it not a
wasteland, Isa. 45:18.God created the
universe and the earth a perfect place.

But in Gen. 1:2, we
read that the earth became null and void, tohu wabohu.

Therefore, we
understand that from the time of the initial creation to the time of the
destruction of planet earth, something happened, and that something was the
rebellion of the angels.They desired to
be like God, Isa. 14:13-14, they revolted, Rev. 12:4, they were judged, Matt.
25:41, they were condemned to this planet, Eze. 28:17-18, and thus the
resolution of the angelic conflict began human history.

The fall of Satan led
to the destruction of earth which history occurred between Gen. 1:1 and Gen.
1:2.Note Isa. 14, Eze 28.

The chaos on planet
earth is called null and void which reflect the deep destruction and darkness
(absence of truth) caused by Satan. Similar descriptions are used in Ex.
10:21-23, Psa. 35:6, Joel 2:2, Matt. 4:16, and Jn. 3:19.

Genesis goes on to
account for the restoration from chaos, of the earth in the literal seven day period,
for human habitation.

Now, what does all of
this have to do with anything?

Well the angels have
lived far longer than the entire human race, and certainly far longer than any
single individual. The angels have had access to the entire universe. The angels have been witness to all of history. Even when Jesus arrived on this earth in the
first advent, the fallen angels (demons) demonstrated respect toward Him. They were not disrespectful, but knew indeed
who He was, and that He was their ultimate judge and executioner.

Man knows right from
wrong.Man knows his own limitations. But man in his arrogance can be unbelievably presumptuous
and disrespectful not only toward God, but to his fellow man. Human history is filled with the power driven
lusts of people.

With the vast universe
just hanging in the night sky, we can all see how small and insignificant we
are, and yet people will ignore the obvious, and fight over the little puddle
we call earth.People will hold on to
their ideologies, to their beliefs, to their opinions, to whatever it is that
they have hung on to throughout their lives, even in the face of documented
evidence to the contrary.

Such is mans self imposed
barrier preventing him from seeing the truth of life.

That is one of your
greatest barriers, preventing your spiritual growth, your stubbornness to
listen and to learn.

The Bible proposes many
truths regarding history.Information
external to the Bible support an extensive history regarding our little
planet.Even though there are many
interpretations that are ridiculous, like evolution, there is a great deal of evidence
that supports sound Christian creation doctrine.

However, Peter points
out here that people who lack information, will be more opinionated than angels
who possess personal experience with historical information, even the angels
that have already been condemned.

Angels, both elect and
fallen, respect God and His authority.

Man invents religions,
cults, weird ideas concerning life and even his own role in life, all of which
are direct insults to truth.





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