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1 John 2:1



1 My [mou] little children [teknion], these things [tauta] write I [grapho] unto you [humin], that [hina me] ye sin [hamartano] not [hina me]. And [kai] if [ean] any man [tis] sin [hamartano], we have [echo] an advocate [parakletos] with [pros] the Father [pater], Jesus [Iesous] Christ [Christos] the righteous [dikaios]: KJV-Interlinear



1 My little children, I am writing these things to you that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous; NASB





John here brings the attention of the believer to the fact that sin is a fact of life. That salvation is not the beginning and the end of ones relationship with God. Sin exists, and so sin has to be addressed.

Likewise sin cannot be addressed without recognizing the role that Jesus Christ played in securing our freedom from sin, the payment of our debt with regard to sin and death, and the work of the Cross in which God (the Father) is propitiated (satisfied with Christ’s work). No other person has ever done the work necessary to satisfy God with regard to the punishment of sin.

Christ was born as a man, perfect and free from sin. He was born of the seed of the woman (Mary). Joseph was not involved with her pregnancy. In Adam all have sinned, and therefore the sin nature is handed down through the human race through the male. Since Joseph was excluded (Mary was made pregnant as a virgin), then Jesus was not born with a sin nature.

Jesus lived a perfect life. He committed no personal sins throughout His life. He went to the Cross a perfect candidate for taking all of the sins of mankind, and paying the price for their judgment in our place, so that we might all be free from their trap of death. Death is a separation. In this case, a separation from God. Something which is not a good thing.

God the Father is propitiated, or appeased, or satisfied with the work which Christ accomplished and therefore the ‘paid in full’ stamp is applied to all sins of the entire human race.

John teaches us all that though we live on this earth, and though we believe in Christ, we are still subject to sin. In order to advance in our spiritual life and have a daily relationship with God, then we need to address the failures (sin) which we will inevitably have during our life here on earth.

Soooo! We have the confessional prayer in order to get us back into sync with God.

Being aware of sin means that you can now be on guard for sin in your life, as a faithful soldier is on the alert on the watch tower looking out for the enemy – sin. You have to be aware of the enemy and therefore when you see it, you can deal with it – confession is your battle plan against sin.

But too, all of this would not be possible were it not for the perfection of Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross. He, being perfect, and having paid the full price for all sin, now is qualified to stand before the Father in court, and defend us against any future punishment for the sins we commit. Law of double jeopardy. Sin can only be judged once.

But, you say, what of the punishment we receive for our sins. And that is simple. You have an out for sin – confession. But most folks do not confess their sins, and most do not confess them regularly. Therefore these folks are living in disobedience toward the Father. That makes it a family matter and discipline (not judgment) is necessary from time to time in order to bring correction to the naughty believer.

Judgment is reserved for the unbeliever not the believer. And, by the way, the unbeliever is not judged to the lake of fire for his sins either, but for His works. More on that later. Remember that all sin has been judged and that opens up the door for salvation to all who accept it by believing in Christ.

Jesus Christ stands before the Father and defends us as our advocate in the case against us when there is sin in our life. The Father hears the evidence, and dismisses the case as being unfounded, since sin is already judged. For the believer, there is no sin that he can commit which will cause Him to lose his salvation. Once saved, always saved.

The sinner (you) cannot represent himself before God. We are not qualified. But Jesus Christ is qualified. He paid the price for sin. He redeemed our debts. We in effect owe everything we have (our life) to Him (Christ). We are His slaves in that he purchased us out of the slave market of sin and death. As slaves we have no rights except for those which He specifically gives to us.

So we can remain in the slave market and be eternally separated from life (the Lake of Fire), or we can believe in Christ and get out of that doomed destiny and receive our freedom, which Christ freely grants us. By surrendering to His Will, we receive the maximum blessing.

Unbelievers do not have an intercessor to represent them. They reject Christ, and therefore He respects their wishes, and does not represent them before God. Unbelievers cannot represent themselves because they lack the proper credentials. Only Christ has the proper credentials and ownership papers (so to speak).






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