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1 John 1:2



2 (For [kai] the life [zoe] was manifested [phaneroo], and [kai] we have seen [horao] it, and [kai] bear witness [martureo], and [kai] shew [apaggello] unto you [humin] that eternal [aionios] life [zoe], which [hostis] was [en] with [pros] the Father [pater], and [kai] was manifested [phaneroo] unto us [hemin]😉 KJV-Interlinear



2 and the life was manifested, and we have seen and bear witness and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was manifested to us NASB




 Verse two is a parenthetical phrase inserted between verses one and three. Whereas verses one and three convey the idea that there is a ‘Being’ who is eternal and all powerful, and that same ‘Being’ has been seen and touched and interacted with by the Apostle and others, and in verse two, the character of this ‘Being’ became visible, and in Him are centralized all relations between God and mankind.The Word is the mechanism of communication of knowledge and thought. That thought or truth became flesh. That flesh came to us in the form of Jesus Christ. The one and only true representative of the Godhead.

The word of life (from the previous verse) was manifested, it became flesh, living flesh just as you and I are living beings. And that life was seen by the Apostle and others.

And that life was manifested not only to all peoples, for the potential benefit of all peoples, but specifically to those who believe in that life. For it is only those who believe in the life, that will receive its eternal benefits. For those who do not believe in it, then its blessings of eternal life are not available. Being rejected, it is withheld and not forced nor coerced onto anyone who does not wish it.

Not only has the life been manifested in the flesh (in the person of Jesus Christ) but it is eternal life, having lived with the Father (the one true God), and therefore the ‘Being’ who is eternal life, is equal with the Father and is Himself deity also.

So, John has previously identified Jesus Christ as the Word, and the Life, who has always existed, John 1:1. Now He continues to identify Christ as the source of life, the creator of all things, the fountain of life from which all creation came. He was manifested in the flesh such that man could have a relationship, a personal relationship with Him.

He could have, as God, simply condemned all sin and punished it, without becoming flesh, but He for our sake, became a man as we are humans and so that we could see, and hear, and touch the very essence of God.

Christ was from eternity past and has always existed as He too is God. One of three persons in the Godhead (Father, Son, and the Spirit), with God the Father being the ultimate focus and destination of mans relationship with Him.

But as we will see in this study, mankind will use his own imagination and invention to redefine God and deity. Mankind will invent religions, and philosophies, and beliefs and excuses for gaining access to the hereafter through any means other than that which God has set out.

Aided by Satan, and the delusion which he imposes on mankind, people are fooled and blinded by Satan’s lies, and their own arrogance, and lusts and thus falls into the trap of lies that will lead them astray and into the pit of doom. The story of Eve in the Garden.

And so out of nothing, man will invent religions and various beliefs to which he will turn, and man will pursue these beliefs with a passion, despite the proofs which John herein provides witness to, from his own life and experience with Christ for three and a half years.

The facts of life are these. God exists. There is but one God (in essence), and three in personality. All are co-equal, co-eternal, co-infinite in their essence.

God set out a plan by which all of mans inventions in philosophy would be rejected. God set out a plan by which one member of the Godhead would interact with mankind and become the one and only conduit through which man could gain access to the Father. The Son being that means of access. And by which all religions would reject that access – Jesus Christ. As arrogance will inevitably drive man away from the truth and in a direction where man thinks that he can rise to Gods level on his own, in the similar pattern of thought from which Satan, as Lucifer, desired to become like the Most High.

One can always look in the mirror and look at ones own life and see that we (humans) have extreme limits within which we have to live our lives. We cannot invent life. We cannot extend life. We cannot prevent life’s termination. We can’t even cure the common cold.

But we can come up with religions and beliefs that have no foundation in fact, and we can pursue them with a passion believing that they are true, because we want them to be true.

But John herein declares, that He had a personal witness and relationship with the one and only true source of eternal life.





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