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1 John 1:1



1 That which [hos] was [en] from [apo] the beginning [arche] , which [hos] we have heard [akouo] , which [hos] we have seen [horao] with our [hemon] eyes [ophthalmos] , which [hos] we have looked upon [theaomai] , and [kai] our [hemon] hands [cheir] have handled [pselaphao] , of [peri] the Word [logos] of life [zoe] ; KJV-Interlinear


1 What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we beheld and our hands handled, concerning the Word of Life NASB




 John ties up all of the loose ends of reality and truth. What is truth? Truth is where fact meets reality.In the past, since eternity past, or in a beginning which is not a beginning, but in eternity past which means it has always been. God.God has always existed. God is a thinking person. Thinking requires a language. Language requires words from which thoughts can be assembled and conveyed to others even to ones self. God has always existed. His words have always existed. His words form thoughts and His thoughts form a policy.

Others cannot know the thoughts of God unless they are conveyed to them. Others cannot know the policies of God unless they are clear, consistent, and unchangeable.

So from the beginning, from the beginning of time, from the beginning of ones life, from the beginning of when one first hears the gospel or the Word of God, Gods Word has never changed. It has always been clear, consistent, and it never changes.

Now mankind will play little games with the words in the Bible, and twist and turn them just to create purposeful confusion. But the Bible is clear and understandable by all.

John further includes his personal witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He saw Him personally in the flesh. He walked with Him, spoke with Him, saw Him, touched Him. Jesus Christ was and is a real person.

Jesus Christ is not a figment of the imagination. He is not an invented character. He is not a faint image, a feeling, a story book character, or a made up person for the convenience of politics and power.

Jesus Christ is a very real person. He is God and man in the same person, the unique person of the universe and all of creation.

Look to any other religion, philosophy, or belief and you will not find a real person behind them. And certainly not anyone who has walked with man, and talked with man, and communed with mankind at any time in history.

What you will find are cheap imitations of the Bible. Twisted principles, and prophets, and otherwise Biblical truths which have been distorted into some other form of ‘man’ invented path to the almighty or to the afterlife, or to some higher plane of existence. None of which have any basis in fact because they are lies. Nothing more.

Jesus Christ is a real person just as any member of your family, or a neighbor, or fellow worker, or someone you see on the street, is real. As such, then we have the opportunity to walk with and talk with Him through His Word. And one day, when we leave this life, we will stand face to face right in front of Him.

That is when you will have the opportunity to explain your spiritual life, or lack thereof, to Him.

Since Jesus Christ is not here on earth presently, we have contact with Him through His Word only. We have no other means of communion with Him.

Now life has but one truth. That is, God exists. God created you as a person. You will live for a time and then you will die. What then will happen to you after you leave this life? That is the hard truth of life. You will go somewhere – heaven of hell. You have simply to make a decision in life and that will determine your destiny. The Bible teaches that by believing in Christ, you will have eternal life with Him. By rejecting Christ, you will go to condemnation in the fires of hell. A very simple choice one would think.





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Keep in the Word, Isa. 41:10.