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(In the coming weeks, more humor will be added to this page.
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1 Lots Wife
2 Good Samaritan

3 Did Noah FIsh
4 Higher Power

5 Moses and the Red Sea

6 The Lord is my Shepherd

7 Unanswered Prayer
8 Being Thankful

9 Untimely Answered Prayer
10 Time to Pray

11 All Men / All Girls
12 Say a Prayer
13 Army of the Lord
14 Help Wanted
15 Swearing Parrot

16 Christian Horse
17 Bear Alert
18 Beware of Dog
19 Doggie Contest
20 Wake Up Call

21 My Daughter is Your Reward
22 Private Grief
23 New Beginning
24 Monkey
25 Childs View of Creation

26 Satan Goes to Church
27 Reasonable Doubt
28 Christian Barber
29 Drunk on the Subway
30 Long Night

31 Don't Think
32 Atheist Quip
33 Between the Pages
34 The Deal
35 Bible Answer

36 Brave Man
37 Man Created
38 The Miracle
39 Collateral
40 Always Right
41 Pastor on a Wire
42 Honey Can You Hear Me
43 Dish of Ice Cream
44 Light On - Light Off
45 White Hair
46 Birth Control
47 Wrinkles
48 Old Like God
49 Golf and Grass
50 Golf and Memory

51 Memories
52 Young but Old
53 Then and Now
54 Hearing and Wills
55 Fifty-Fifty
56 Ten Dollars
57 Peanuts
58 Small Trains
59 Kiss the Frog
60 Walk on Water

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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