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Romans 1:30


30 Backbiters [katalalos], haters of God [theostuges], despiteful [hubristes], proud [huperephanos], boasters [alazon], inventors [epheuretes] of evil things [kakos], disobedient [apeithes] to parents [goneus],  KJV-Interlinear


30 slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents,   ESV


The biggest mistakes that anyone can ever make, is taking God for granted, and assuming that they have nothing more to learn. The entire thrust of the Bible is to communicate doctrine, to teach doctrine, and to have the individual learn doctrine. From the gospel to the greater depths of the spiritual life and beyond, all come from the detailed instructions provided by the word of God.

To ignore them, or to presume that you know them, or to remain indifferent toward them is the fools greatest folly.

One has only to look around the see the phenomenal design that God has provided in this world and then recognize the even greater design that He has provided each one of us.

From the most beautiful of people, to the most talented in athletics, in the arts, in the area of intellect and more, God designed it all from nothing but dust.

Look around and say to yourself, God made me and God made them, from dust, and here we all are. That is our true equality in this physical life.

But in the spiritual world, the differences of this world pale to the differences that will occur when people resist growing up in their spiritual lives, due to the vast array of sins that are more than willing to enter in and take over their souls.

Yesterday, we studied several sin categories, that many will miss the point, in presuming that they do not apply to them, when every one of them applies to the believer who does not take God and the spiritual life seriously.

You do not have to engage in sexual misconduct in order to be a sinner, every disregard of Gods mandates means that you are cheating on Him. And that is a far more serious transgression than fooling around with silly girls or boys.

And yet there are many more sin categories that can easily be misconstrued as the errors of others, when it is our responsibility to not evaluate others, but to evaluate ourselves.

God is more than able to evaluate everyone and does not need your help. If He is gracious with you, then He will be gracious with everyone.

Your first order of business is to remember that God owes you nothing, and that you can earn nothing, and that you will never deserve anything. And yet God deals with you, based on doctrine, not your sincerity or looks or talent, which by the way you did not deserve or gain or earn for yourself, either.

The only thing that stands in the way of God building you into far more than you are capable of yourself, is your refusal to be taught, to learn, to advance in your spiritual life.

And when the vine fails to produce fruit, which simply means when you fail to produce in your spiritual life, then the vine, meaning you, are torn out of the ground as worthless and replaced with someone else who will produce.

This parable has nothing to do with salvation , but has only to do with your loss of eternal reward. And when the rewards being offered are infinite, then the loss is therefore infinite. And what kind of fool throws away an infinite treasure?

Slanderers, speak evil of others who are not present. They are cowards unwilling to face their victim. They speak publically so all can hear, unlike the whisperers who speak in secret. Cowards all. Judgmental without the right to judge. Presuming guilt without even a fair hearing.

Haters of God, is a title that applies to all who are indifferent, who are disobedient, who disregard truth and Gods mandates. Many are the people who justify themselves, elevate themselves, and yet are the worst of the worst of those who hate God.

Insolent, means disrespectful. To disrespect is to presume that you are better. And yet if you pick up two handfuls of dust, from the same ground, which is the better handful?

Haughty is pride. Not the pride of some legitimate accomplishment, which in itself is a good thing, but the pride of arrogance of oneself. It is inordinate self-esteem, a conceited attitude, a disdain toward others, a presumption of superiority or entitlement. It is a presumption that someone owes them recognition, or even that the world owes them something.

Boastful, is the person who claims or presumes something that they do not rightfully possess or are not entitled to.

Inventers of evil, are those who justify sin, and then justify even more sin. They disregard truth and replace it with untruths. They promote false ideas as truths, even to the point of stating that it is Gods will. All religions and most politics, all alternative lifestyles or beliefs, are nothing more than inventions of evil.

Disobedient to parents, is the very first stage of rejection of authority, and ultimately the rejection of the ultimate authority, who is Christ.

There are only two environments in which you can live your life.

The first is of this world, wherein you reject truth or attempt to compromise it to conform to your definitions of truth, and from which you will fail miserably.

The second environment is the spiritual life, wherein you must, repeat, must abide by Gods mandates and design. Which by the way, is extremely easy to accomplish. It takes far less energy to follow Gods way, than it does to reject it.

There is no third environment.

You are either following Gods very strict yet easy set of rules, or you are not.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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