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Revelation 16:2



2 And [kai] the first [protos] went, [aperchomai] and [kai] poured out [ekcheo] his [autos] vial [phiale] upon [epi] the earth; [ge] and [kai] there fell [ginomai] a noisome [kakos] and [kai] grievous [poneros] sore [helkos] upon [eis] the men [anthropos] which [ho] had [echo] the mark [charagma] of the beast, [therion] and [kai] upon them which worshipped [proskuneo] his [autos] image. [eikon] KJV-Interlinear



2 And the first angel went and poured out his bowl into the earth; and it became a loathsome and malignant sore upon the men who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped his image. NASB



In rapid succession, the bowls of judgments, will be poured, dumped, upon evil humanity, with a flood of elevated pain and suffering.

Only those who worship the anti-christ, will be affected. One might note that germs and diseases have no intelligence and cannot discern between the saved and the unsaved. To any disease, flesh is flesh and nothing more. But these judgments have God behind them, commanding their every action. Believers, who have rejected the anti-christ, will not be affected.

The sores described here, 'helkos,' are open ulcerated skin sores, that are incurable, painful, and oozing, carrying a terrible odor with them, described by the two words, 'kakos,' and 'poneros.'

If ever there were a setting for a horror movie of the living dead, this would be the perfect picture of horrible and loathsome looking people, in constant pain, and crying their hearts out with contempt and hate.

Just as their souls are loathsome, so now their outer appearance will reflect the content of the inner self - rank, corrupt, and disgusting.

From the time of Adam, everything in the world was given by God to believing humanity. But, just as Satan hijacked the world away from Adam, so too, unbelieving humanity hijacks that, which belongs to believers, away from them.

They pursued something, a temporary thing, that they had no right to, and end up with rot and pain for their trouble.

Believing humanity, on the other hand, will lose all that God gave to them, a temporary world, and end up with a permanent reward in a new universe, for all of eternity.

He who laughs last … will do so in eternity.



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