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Revelation 14:9



9 And [kai] the third [tritos] angel [aggelos] followed [akoloutheo] them, [autos] saying [lego] with [en] a loud [megas] voice, [phone] If any man [ei tis] worship [proskuneo] the beast [therion] and [kai] his [autos] image, [eikon] and [kai] receive [lambano] his mark [charagma] in [epi] his [autos] forehead, [metopon] or [e] in [epi] his [autos] hand, [cheir] KJV-Interlinear



9 And another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, "If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or upon his hand, NASB



In logical sequence, the three angels will fly across the high noon sky, and preach with a loud voice, first, giving the promise of the gospel and eternal life, second, the warning of condemnation, and then third, the judgment that is certain for all who oppose truth, reject God, ignore Christ, and embrace the opposite - lies, Satan, and evil without end.

This is the message to all who have not believed in Christ. And remember even though this is a warning that will occur in that future time the principle applies today just as it has applied to all peoples in every generation throughout history.

As we have already studied, people will flock to the anti-christ of their own volition. Even though everyone will be threatened with immediate execution, most of the unbelieving population will embrace the anti-christ of their own free will. And, they will be doing so throughout the Tribulation.

God, on the other hand, will be sending out His gospel and warning, over and over, day after day, to all of humanity, so that everyone will have the opportunity to repent (change their minds) regarding evil and choose for truth in Christ.

However, the warning of impending and certain judgment is given for those who embrace the anti-christ, adopt his policies, accept his laws, and live by them to the detriment of all believers.

Unbelievers by default will be joining in the conspiracy of murder and all manner of evil, against believers, just by rejecting Christ and all the components of truth that accompany Him.

Worshipping the anti-christ, receiving his mark, recognizing his image, all indicate a comprehensive and unequivocal commitment to evil. With a total rejection of God, of Christ and of everything that is good and right, people will be condemned to eternal destruction.

And, they will have no excuse, when the end finally comes upon them.

With the unheard of activities and events of the Tribulation, without equal in all of human history, with angels teaching, with demon hoards attacking across the planet, with death and destruction occurring with unparalleled outcomes, no one will have any excuse for not knowing the facts of life, the repercussions of their decisions, and the consequences of their actions.

Around the clock, people will be hammered with the gospel and the warnings. Some will listen, most will not.



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