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Revelation 14:7



7 Saying [lego] with [en] a loud [megas] voice, [phone] Fear [phobeo] God, [theos] and [kai] give [didomi] glory [doxa] to him; [autos] for [hoti] the hour [hora] of his [autos] judgment [krisis] is come: [erchomai] and [kai] worship [proskuneo] him that made [poieo] heaven, [ouranos] and [kai] earth, [ge] and [kai] the sea, [thalassa] and [kai] the fountains [pege] of waters. [hudor] KJV-Interlinear



7 and he said with a loud voice, "Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.” NASB



And with a loud voice, the angel proclaimed his message. The angel speaks with a voluminous voice so all could hear.

The message is directed to an unbelieving world.

While the anti-christ demands worship of himself, here God demands fear. Why?

Because the anti-christ can do nothing to you except to your body. God, on the other hand, can destroy the soul or the essence of ones being, in the Lake of Fire. And the Lake of Fire will last forever.

Fear causes you to focus and to concentrate on reality, and not fantasy.

The anti-christ is delusional. Religion is delusional. All philosophy is delusional. They neither define fact nor reality.

And where exactly does fact and reality begin? With creation.

Long before the ideas of Darwin and evolution, God created all that is. In the last portion of this verse, credit is given to God for His work, for His design, for His plan. Jesus Christ created all that is, including your individual human life.

The created universe both offers proof of Gods existence and provides grounds for worshiping Him, Psa. 19:1-4. Creation reveals Gods glory and majesty, Isa 40:21-26. God reveals Himself in His creation. The very content of the universe suggests and demands a designer and creator.

So, the very foundation and fabric of human philosophy, in rejecting God, has discredited itself and is false.

When the very first cause of existence is rejected, then all truth is rejected.

God took dust and inserted life into it. God can create animal life in sophisticated creatures and even in a single cell. Humanity cannot do that.

God formed life out of dust and inserted human life into the dust, along with beauty and form and intelligence, and far more. Man cannot do that.

If nature can do it by accident and chance, then shouldn't man be able to take a little dust and salsa and electricity and create life?

But man cannot, because the ingredients of the universe are not the source of life. God is.

What can the anti-christ and the false prophet do? They can put on a magic show and nothing more.

In Gods hands lie your destiny, along with the power and ability to do anything, literally. Therefore, allegiance and praise, and worship and obedience and obligation belong to God (Jesus Christ), and not to anything nor anyone else.



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