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Psalm 005:10

    Psalms 5:10   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     10 Destroy [‘asham] thou them, O God; [‘elohiym] let them fall[naphal] by their own counsels; [mow`etsah] cast them out [nadach] in the multitude[rob] of their transgressions; [pesha`] for they have rebelled [marah]

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Psalm 005:09

    Psalms 5:9   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     9 For there is no faithfulness[kuwn] in their mouth; [peh] their inward[qereb] part is very wickedness; [havvah] their throat [garown] is an open[pathach] sepulchre; [qeber] they flatter [chalaq] with their tongue.[lashown] KJV-Interlinear

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Psalm 005:08

  Psalms 5:8   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     8 Lead [nachah] me, O LORD, [Yahovah] in thy righteousness [tsadaqah] because of mine enemies; [sharar] make thy way [derek] straight[yashar] before my face. [paniym] KJV-Interlinear     8 O Lord, lead me

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Psalm 005:07

    Psalms 5:7   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     7 But as for me, I will come[bow’] into thy house [bayith] in the multitude[rob] of thy mercy: [checed] and in thy fear [yir’ah] will I worship[shachah] toward thy holy [qodesh] temple.

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Psalm 005:06

  Psalms 5:6   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     6 Thou shalt destroy[‘abad] them that speak [dabar] leasing:[kazab] the LORD [Yahovah] will abhor [ta`ab] the bloody[dam] and deceitful [mirmah] man. [‘iysh] KJV-Interlinear     6 Thou dost destroy those who speak falsehood;

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Psalm 005:05

Psalms 5:5   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     5 The foolish [halal] shall not stand [yatsab] in thy sight: [`ayin] thou hatest [sane’] all workers [pa`al] of iniquity. [‘aven] KJV-Interlinear     5 The boastful shall not stand before Thine eyes; Thou

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Psalm 005:04

Psalms 5:4   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     4 For thou art not a God [‘el] that hath pleasure [chaphets] in wickedness: [resha`] neither shall evil [ra`] dwell [guwr] with thee. KJV-Interlinear     4 For Thou art not a God who

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Psalm 005:03

Psalms 5:3 *** How should every day begin? *** The morning is the beginning of a new day. Each day is a gift for another opportunity to … ***   http://www.dailybiblestudy.org     3 My voice [qowl] shalt thou hear

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