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Psalm 039:13

Psalm 39:13 Send Your Judgment Elsewhere http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   13 O spare [sha`ah] me, that I may recover strength [balag], before I go hence [yalak], and be no more.   KJV-Interlinear   13 Look away from me, that I may smile again,

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Psalm 039:12

Psalm 39:12 The World Is Temporary http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   12 Hear [shama`] my prayer [taphillah], O LORD [Yahovah], and give ear [‘azan] unto my cry [shav`ah]; hold not thy peace [charash] at my tears [dim`ah]: for I am a stranger [ger]

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Psalm 039:11

Psalm 39:11 Gods Punishment Destroys Mans Values http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   11 When thou with rebukes [towkechah] dost correct [yacar] man [‘iysh] for iniquity [`avon], thou makest his beauty [chamad] to consume away [macah] like a moth [`ash]: surely every man [‘adam]

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Psalm 039:10

Psalm 39:10 Sin Consumes All Life http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   10 Remove [cuwr] thy stroke [nega`] away [cuwr] from me: I am consumed [kalah] by the blow [tigrah] of thine hand [yad].   KJV-Interlinear   10 Remove your stroke from me; I am

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Psalm 039:09

Psalm 39:9 Truth Silences Complaints http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   9 I was dumb [‘alam], I opened [pathach] not my mouth [peh]; because thou didst [`asah] it.   KJV-Interlinear   9 I am mute; I do not open my mouth, for it is you

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Psalm 039:08

Psalm 39:8 If Sins Removed, Then Troubles Removed http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   8 Deliver [natsal] me from all my transgressions [pesha`]: make [suwm] me not the reproach [cherpah] of the foolish [nabal].   KJV-Interlinear   8 Deliver me from all my transgressions. Do

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Psalm 039:07

Psalm 39:7 What Do I Wait For http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   7 And now, Lord [‘Adonay], what wait [qavah] I for? my hope [towcheleth] is in thee.   KJV-Interlinear   7 “And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is

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Psalm 039:06

Psalm 39:6 Life is a Shadow http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   6 Surely every man [‘iysh] walketh [halak] in a vain shew [tselem]: surely they are disquieted [hamah] in vain [hebel]: he heapeth up [tsabar] riches, and knoweth [yada`] not who shall gather

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