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Isaiah 02:22

    Isaiah 2:22 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   22 Cease [chadal] ye from man, [‘adam] whose breath [nashamah] is in his nostrils:[‘aph] for wherein is he to be accounted of[chashab]? KJV-Interlinear   22 Stop regarding man, whose breath of life is in

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Isaiah 02:21

    Isaiah 2:21 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   21 To go [bow’] into the clefts [naqarah] of the rocks, [tsuwr] and into the tops[ca`iyph] of the ragged rocks, [cela`] for [paniym] fear [pachad] of the LORD, [Yahovah] and for the glory[hadar] of

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Isaiah 02:20

    Isaiah 2:20 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   20 In that day[yowm] a man [‘adam] shall cast [shalak] his idols [‘eliyl] of silver,[keceph] and his idols [‘eliyl] of gold, [zahab] which they made each one for himself[`asah] to worship, [shachah] to the

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Isaiah 02:19

    Isaiah 2:19 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   19 And they shall go[bow’] into the holes [ma`arah] of the rocks,[tsuwr] and into the caves [machillah] of the earth, [`aphar] for [paniym] fear [pachad] of the LORD, [Yahovah] and for the glory [hadar]

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Isaiah 02:18

    Isaiah 2:18 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   18 And the idols[‘eliyl] he shall utterly [kaliyl] abolish.[chalaph] KJV-Interlinear   18 But the idols will completely vanish. NASB   DailyBibleStudy.Org Web Site LinksHome Page Desktop Pages Mobile Pages Online Bible Audio Bible Prayer

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Isaiah 02:17

      Isaiah 2:17 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   17 And the loftiness[gabhuwth] of man [‘adam] shall be bowed down,[shachach] and the haughtiness [ruwm] of men [‘enowsh] shall be made low:[shaphel] and the LORD [Yahovah] alone shall be exalted [sagab] in that

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Isaiah 02:16

    Isaiah 2:16 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   16 And upon all the ships[‘oniyah] of Tarshish, [Tarshiysh] and upon all pleasant[chemdah] pictures. [sakiyah] KJV-Interlinear   16 Against all the ships of Tarshish, And against all the beautiful craft. NASB   DailyBibleStudy.Org Web

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Isaiah 02:15

    Isaiah 2:15 http://www.dailybiblestudy.org   15 And upon every high[gaboahh] tower, [migdal] and upon every fenced[batsar] wall, [chowmah]KJV-Interlinear   15 Against every high tower, Against every fortified wall, NASB   DailyBibleStudy.Org Web Site LinksHome Page Desktop Pages Mobile Pages

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