Know the Spiritual Process


Know the Spiritual Process


Daily Bible Study   

Know the spiritual process


  1. Believe in Christ to gain salvation.
  2. Confess sins regularly to gain fellowship.
  3. Live in fellowship, study in fellowship, learn in fellowship. grow up in your spiritual life in fellowship. Fellowship is the environment where your spiritual life functions.


  1. Commit a sin and you are out of fellowship.
  2. Confess the sin(s) to get back into fellowship.
  3. Fellowship places you in the presence of God (spiritually speaking), and allows your spiritual life to function, regardless of your circumstances. Fellowship does not protect you from the repercussions of your sins, whatever they might be.


  1. Your objective is to advance to spiritual maturity.

Your advancement in spiritual growth causes the construction of a spiritual structure within your soul, which builds spiritual muscle, production, and faith from within yourself.

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