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Romans 06:12

Romans 06:12   12 Let [basileuo] not [me] sin [hamartia] therefore [oun] reign [basileuo] in [en] your [humon] mortal [thnetos] body [soma], that [eis] ye should obey [hupakouo] it [autos] in [en] the lusts [epithumia] thereof [autos].  KJV-Interlinear  

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Romans 06:13

Romans 6:13   13 Neither [mede] yield ye [paristemi] your [humon] members [melos] as instruments [hoplon] of unrighteousness [adikia] unto sin [hamartia]: but [alla] yield [paristemi] yourselves [heautou] unto God [theos], as [hos] those that are alive [zao] from

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Romans 06:14

Romans 6:14   14 For [gar] sin [hamartia] shall [kurieuo] not [ou] have dominion over [kurieuo] you [humon]: for [gar] ye are [este] not [ou] under [hupo] the law [nomos], but [alla] under [hupo] grace [charis].  KJV-Interlinear   14

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Romans 06:15

Romans 6:15   15 What [tis] then [oun]? shall we sin [hamartano], because [hoti] we are [esmen] not [ou] under [hupo] the law [nomos], but [alla] under [hupo] grace [charis]? God forbid [me] [ginomai].   KJV-Interlinear   15 What then?

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Romans 06:16

Romans 6:16 Two Masters   16 Know ye [eido] not [ou], that [hoti] to whom [hos] ye yield [paristemi] yourselves [heautou] servants [doulos] to [eis] obey [hupakoe], his servants [doulos] ye are [este] to whom [hos] ye obey [hupakouo];

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Romans 06:17

Romans 6:17 Slavery to Freedom by Instruction   17 But [de] God [theos] be thanked [charis], that [hoti] ye were [en] the servants [doulos] of sin [hamartia], but [de] ye have obeyed [hupakouo] from [ek] the heart [kardia] that

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Romans 06:18

Romans 6:18 Servants of Righteousness   18 Being [eleutheroo] then [de] made free [eleutheroo] from [apo] sin [hamartia], ye became the servants [douloo] of righteousness [dikaiosune].   KJV-Interlinear   18 and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves

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Romans 06:19

Romans 6:19 Pursue Spiritual Growth   19 I speak [lego] after the manner of men [anthropinos] because [dia] of the infirmity [astheneia] of your [humon] flesh [sarx]: for [gar] as [hosper] ye have yielded [paristemi] your [humon] members [melos]

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