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Isaiah 03:01

Isaiah 3:1   1 For, behold, the Lord, [‘adown] the LORD [Yahovah] of hosts, [tsaba’] doth take away [cuwr] from Jerusalem [Yaruwshalaim] and from Judah [Yahuwdah] the stay [mish`en] and the staff, [mish`enah] the whole stay [mish`en] of bread,

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Isaiah 03:02

Isaiah 3:2   2 The mighty man, [gibbowr] and the man [‘iysh] of war, [milchamah] the judge, [shaphat] and the prophet, [nabiy’] and the prudent, [qacam] and the ancient, [zaqen]KJV-Interlinear   2 The mighty man and the warrior, The

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Isaiah 03:03

Isaiah 3:3   3 The captain [sar] of fifty, [chamishshiym] and the honourable [nasa’] man, [paniym] and the counsellor, [ya`ats] and the cunning [chakam] artificer, [cheresh] and the eloquent [biyn] orator. [lachash] KJV-Interlinear   3 The captain of fifty

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Isaiah 03:04

Isaiah 3:4   4 And I will give [nathan] children [na`ar] to be their princes, [sar] and babes [ta`aluwl] shall rule [mashal] over them. KJV-Interlinear   4 And I will make mere lads their princes And capricious children will

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Isaiah 03:05

Isaiah 3:5   5 And the people [`am] shall be oppressed, [nagas] every one [‘iysh] by another, [‘iysh] and every one [‘iysh] by his neighbour: [rea`] the child [na`ar] shall behave himself proudly [rahab] against the ancient, [zaqen] and

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Isaiah 03:06

Isaiah 3:6   6 When a man [‘iysh] shall take hold [taphas] of his brother [‘ach] of the house [bayith] of his father, [‘ab] saying, Thou hast clothing, [simlah] be thou our ruler, [qatsiyn] and let this ruin [makshelah]

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Isaiah 03:07

Isaiah 3:7   7 In that day [yowm] shall he swear, [nasa’] saying, [‘amar] I will not be an healer; [chabash] for in my house [bayith] is neither bread [lechem] nor clothing: [simlah] make [suwm] me not a ruler

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Isaiah 03:08

Isaiah 3:8   8 For Jerusalem [Yaruwshalaim] is ruined, [kashal] and Judah [Yahuwdah] is fallen: [naphal] because their tongue [lashown] and their doings [ma`alal] are against the LORD, [Yahovah] to provoke [marah] the eyes [`ayin] of his glory. [kabowd]

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