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Isaiah 02:01

Isaiah 2:1 *** What has changed from the last chapter? *** The book of Isaiah is a collection of his visions as he saw them throughout his life. Isaiah or ‘Jesahiahu’ means salvation of the Lord. He is the son

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Isaiah 02:02

Isaiah 2:2 *** Why can’t most folks explain this verse? *** The Bible often refers to periods of times that have activities or attributes that are unique to those times. Sometimes the references are specific, and sometimes the references are

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Isaiah 02:03

Isaiah 2:3 *** What is different about this era? *** The key to this verse is the word for many, ‘rab,’ which mean quantity, abound, exceedingly, full, great, multitude … ***   3 And many [rab] people [`am] shall

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Isaiah 02:04

Isaiah 2:4 *** List several of the characteristics and explain them. *** Judge, ‘shaphat,’ refers to the judge on the bench in a court of law. Jesus Christ will become the judge and will hear controversies and settle them. ***

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Isaiah 02:05

Isaiah 2:5 *** What is the appeal being made? *** Jacob had twelve sons. Those twelve sons form the foundation of the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel represents the chosen people of God. ***   5 O

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Isaiah 02:06

Isaiah 2:6 ***  What is the danger of being left behind? *** Thou, refers to God. Abandoned or forsaken, means to leave to other devices. ***   6 Therefore thou hast forsaken [natash] thy people [`am] the house [bayith]

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Isaiah 02:07

Isaiah 2:7   7 Their land[‘erets] also is full [male’] of silver[keceph] and gold, [zahab] neither is there any end [qatseh] of their treasures; [‘owtsar] their land [‘erets] is also full [male’] of horses, [cuwc] neither is there any

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Isaiah 02:08

  Isaiah 2:8   8 Their land[‘erets] also is full [male’] of idols;[‘eliyl] they worship [shachah] the work [ma`aseh] of their own hands,[yad] that which their own fingers [‘etsba`] have made: [`asah]KJV-Interlinear   8 Their land has also been

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