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1 Timothy 1:7





7 Desiring [thelo] to be [einai] teachers of the law; [nomodidaskalos] [me] understanding [noeo] neither [mete] what [hos] they say, [lego] nor [mete] whereof [peri] [tis] they affirm. [diabebaioomai] KJV-Interlinear



7 wanting to be teachers of the Law, even though they do not understand either what they are saying or the matters about which they make confident assertions. NASB



The four characteristics of the efforts of promoters of false information, is their error, their goal, their motive, and their effect or outcome.


We have covered the first two characteristics of promoters of false information, their error and their goal.


Their information is incorrect and their goal is self-serving. Which means simply that their preparation is flawed and lacking in substance.They are neither interested in truth, nor the facts of truth, but more so how they are viewed by people. The evil man pursues the approval of man, not God. They prefer the accolades of man, not the approval of God, Matt. 23:5-7, 1 Tim. 6:4.


Their front is to present themselves as teachers, to all who lack insight. They present themselves as one who possesses insight, elevating themselves, in their own minds, as authorities of truth, and that all others are lacking and therefore in need of their expertise. Their motivation is opposite of that which it should be.They pursue elite status, rather than servant status, in society.


True instruction requires genuine humility and dedication to truth, the discovery of it, the learning of it, the teaching of it, such that others when they hear truth will learn and grow to their fullest capacity that is available to them.


The instruction of truth means that you are affecting the whole life, both now and for all of eternity, of those who listen to the instructor s words. If a person enters into the world of instruction with false motivations, then they are cheating others out of an infinite future.And that is a grave, repeat, grave sin.


Communicators of false information, seek leadership roles for their own ego, for their own satisfaction, seeking the prestige, seeking the victory of the argument, seeking their personal sense of power over the lives of others, with no thought as to the repercussions they might have on the lives of others.


And the woods are full of promoters of false doctrine.Whether they are people who are trying to advance their own philosophy, their own religion, their own cult, or their own view point, all who have not been thoroughly prepared, have no place in criticizing anything, much less truth. They have no right in attempting to interfere with or restrain the efforts of others in learning truth.


For if they were prepared, then they would know the error of their position, and correct it.They would know the error of their own motive and they would correct it. They would know the error of the deficiencies of what they promote, and they would correct it.


Promoters of false doctrine depend on lies, deception, and the emotional susceptibility of their listeners.


The world is full of false religion and the false conclusions of philosophies, but what causes more harm to the believing Christian population, is the inadequacies of Christian would be instructors.People who seek titles that impress but serve no purpose in todays world prophet, prophetess, apostle, and so forth. They lack preparation so they promote salvation and nothing else.They promote emotional gimmicks such as music, Holy Spirit gifts, promises, catch phrases or popular ideas that draw or entice a crowd, but do nothing to advance spiritual growth.


Some of these things are valid applications of worship, such as music, but many are false gimmicks, that serve only as membership drawing cards, and distractions away from real spiritual growth.


The promoters of false religion advance intimidating tactics, threats of rejection if the rules are not followed.They do not address truth, for their position lacks it, so they turn to emotional tactics, vague or ambiguous concepts, invented statistics, concepts that cannot easily be proven, in order to retain their followers.They prevent truth as best they can, from getting to their listeners, because once heard, their followers would turn away from them.


Christianity prevents nothing, but encourages all aspects of investigation. And when objective questioning occurs, then truth stands out and lies reveal themselves.


Objective questioning is a search for truth, not a convenient manipulation so that you can arrive where you want to be.That is a tactic of false prophets, of folks with ulterior motives.


Truth never seeks harm over anyone.That which is false, can only produce harm.



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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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