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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

1 Peter 3:5-6



5 For [gar] after this manner [houto] in the old time [pote] the holy [hagios] women [gune] also [kai], who [ho] trusted [elpizo] in [epi] God [theos], adorned [kosmeo] themselves [heautou], being in subjection [hupotasso] unto their own [idios] husbands [aner]:

6 Even as [hos] Sara [Sarrha] obeyed [hupakouo] Abraham [Abraam], calling [kaleo] him [autos] lord [kurios]: whose [hos] daughters [teknon] ye are [ginomai], as long as ye do well [agathopoieo], and [kai] are [phobeo] not [me] afraid [phobeo] with any [medeis] amazement [ptoesis]. KJV-Interlinear



5 For in this way in former times the holy women also, who hoped in God, used to adorn themselves, being submissive to their own husbands. 6 Thus Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and you have become her children if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear. NASB



People from the history books, may have had reputations of one sort or another, but those reputations originated from activities of the sin nature, and they have long since departed from their respective lives.


Anyone who has received recognition from God, did so because they had doctrine resident in their soul, because they learned it through consistent study, and they grew up in their spiritual lives.But more than their simply learning doctrine, they applied it to their daily lives.


We studied this principle in James recently.Faith is of no use unless it is applied.James called it spiritual works.We simply call it applying doctrine to ones daily life.


You can believe in something, but if you do not subscribe to it, if you do not live by its principles, then your belief is nothing more than a form of cheap hypocrisy.


And here Peter teaches us through the examples of phenomenal women from the ancient world. And we are not speaking of women of less than honorable reputations, or of women who engaged in historical crusades of one sort or another.


We are talking about women who had phenomenal capabilities and intellect, but of their own free will, subordinated themselves to their husbands. Some men, of which were not as smart as their wives.


Peter used Sarah as his example, but remember that she was not always known as Sarah. Her name was changed as was Abrahams, and in her former years, she was quite the vocal, opinionated, and obstinate (to use kind terms) person.We could use Ruth, Rahab, Noah s wife, Mary, Deborah, Esther, and others as examples, as well. Each possessing qualities and capabilities that more than match any man.


But their priorities were not to compete and make a place for themselves in this world, a place in which the world would recognize them as great, successful, notable, accomplished and so forth.


Their objective was to pursue God, their Savior, learning Bible doctrine, and otherwise growing up in their spiritual life.Why? Because their spiritual life was more important than anything else in their life.


Jesus, when He came to this world, possessed the power of God. He could have done anything, but He did not. He set aside all of His divine powers and abilities, and subordinated himself as a servant to humanity, because there was a greater purpose to be obtained through His servitude, than some elite status.


The greatest women of history, set aside their places in life, and subordinate themselves to their husbands.That can be an overwhelming and difficult decision, given the fact that they most certainly could have become famous, accomplished, or otherwise better in the eyes of the world.


Men must set aside their ego and personal wants, and subordinate themselves to their obligation to their family, career, etc.


We all should set aside our sin natures, and subordinate ourselves to Bible doctrine, through fellowship, and living our lives in fellowship, rather than through our sin nature.All of these examples, especially the last one, are extremely difficult.


Being interested in the Bible, is commendable, but not enough to get you saved. You have to believe in Christ in order to be saved. Many folks are interested in the Bible, but only as one of many philosophies that they enjoy studying. They do not attach any real life consequences to past beliefs.


Many folks who have believed in Christ, and thus are saved, are interested in doctrine, but their interest is passive.They only think of God during holidays, or after bad times have entered into their life.


Many folks have a further interest level, as they attend church several times a year. But their attendance is nothing more than a continuation of a habit started by their parents, and continued because they feel an obligation or guilt of some sort, to attend church.


Then there are those who attend church religiously, but they fail to learn even the fundamental lessons of doctrine. Their spiritual life is dysfunctional as is the spiritual life of the other examples.


Then you have the example of those who learn doctrine, begin to know and understand the doctrines taught, but their spiritual life does not quite take off, because of their inconsistency, and failure in obeying all mandates.


They try to pick and choose, and mix in the many habits of the sin nature, that they have become comfortable with.They mix in their own invented or learned beliefs, in order to have the balance of their life, along with soe of Gods expectations.And this too, is an error within their spiritual life. They find excuses as to why they should or should not do something.


Marry? We can try it out for a while. Give? Someone else can do that.Study? I am to busy at the moment.


A wrong thing done in a wrong way, is wrong.


A right thing done in a wrong way, is wrong.


A wrong thing done in a right way, is wrong.


Only a right thing done in a right way, is right.


And these women of old, were saved by their faith in the Savior. They learned doctrine as it was available to them in their day, they believed in the principles taught by the scriptures, they subscribed to those principles, and although they could very well have ignored them, they subordinated their stubbornness and self-will, to that which is commanded by God.


Some of these women had very strong wills, and to subordinate themselves to anyone, would have been an almost impossible task for them.Yet they did it of their own free will.


In history, there are many people who have made it into the history books. Some are honorable, many are less than honorable.None of them received any recognition or honor from God.


Only those who advanced in their spiritual life and subordinated themselves to Gods will, were actually used by God, to further their own spiritual life as well as play some part in human history.There are most likely many names in history, of great people, but known only to God. Their names never made it into the history books of this world.But their eternal futures will be infinitely better than all of the names of notoriety, that we have become familiar with in history.


Sarah is the example given here.She demonstrated her spiritual growth through her willingness to subordinate herself to her husband. And in so doing she teaches us that we must all subordinate ourselves to God, through doctrine.


But as learning is not enough, you must apply your learning to practice in life. This is where most people fail.


This application of doctrine then, builds up faith and spiritual muscle in your life, which is recognized by God, and therefore qualifies for maximum blessing both in time, and in eternity.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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